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MEA Committed, determined and dedicated to fly the Cardano flag throughout the Middle East and Africa and to add our stone to the edifice in order to maintain the security and decentralization of the network.

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Reward policy 
The day we start minting blocks, rewards will no longer be an issue. The protocol is designed for a 5.5% return per year for all delegators. We have a dedicated development team with high-security infrastructure.

Why you delegate to MEAPOOL 
We work for the community and your interest Decentralization is the main element of our commitment. We are all One  “Together we can move mountains.” By delegating to single-actor pools like us, you help protect the network from any potential attack that could be carried out by a coalition of malicious multi-actor pools who seek to control the network. Cardano is me, you and you and you and you…  The security and the future of Cardano are in our hands.
We all are One 
“Together we can move mountains.” 

We believe in a better future for all of us
through the power of the Cardano ecosystem.

– The diaspora from the Middle East and Africa is counted in hundreds of millions of people living in Europe and the rest of the Western world. We want to reduce the distance that separates them and enable them to contact their families and loved ones in their countries of origin at the lowest possible cost thanks to Cardano’s technology.

-To stop the hemorrhage of the massive migration of our young, intellectual and scientific executives to Europe and to make them realize that the solution is within their reach back home, due to all the possibilities and solutions that can be achieved through the technology and the Cardano ecosystem in general.

The future is decentralized, but so is the present. The revolution has just begun.

Sub-Saharan Africa is paying a heavy price for blindness.

In concrete terms, for a population of about 600 million people, the number of blind people is estimated at 8 million and the number of visually impaired people at 24 million.

On this point, we would also like to emphasize our commitment to education.. These people also need education, perhaps even more than we do.

We will devote 30% of the pool’s revenues to this worthwhile cause, we want to provide them with the necessary school supplies, appropriate IT (information technology) tools and introduce them to the digital world.

We will collaborate with all the (NGOs) involved in this cause and with the people who are directly or indirectly affected by this handicap.


Social and charitable commitment.

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